Saturday, February 13, 2016

More Terrorism in America

Thanks Obama.

And this one was just 90 miles away.

A Somali Muslim, Mohammed Barry, attacked four customers in Columbus Ohio two nights ago at a restaurant owned by an Israeli Christian.  The restaurant was a gun free zone, the owner's choice.  The four survived, and Mohammed was shot dead by police a short time later.

Columbus police were quick to say there was no terrorism connection to the random attack. Since that statement the FBI have become involved in the investigation and have admitted that Mohammed was indeed on the terror watch list.

We only have one presidential candidate who, before this attack, promised to build a wall and stop Muslim immigration until Congress could find a way to separate the peaceful from the jihadis. He has also promised to deport all illegals - as unlikely as that will be.

It isn't every day America has an interested leader who proposes solutions before the problems are evident.  Will be lost his opportunity?

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UPDATED 2.14.16 9am:

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One concealed carry holder could have kept him from going to trial.....