Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Trump Wins NH

(This is not a Trump gloat post.  It is an establishment slap-down post.)

1) 60% of NH Democrats want my property,
2) 53% of NH Republicans are Republicans in name only,
3) DNCe, GOPe, and the old media are on the sidelines in this one. 
From Marshall Report:


Keep telling us the Tea Party is dead, media elites.

I used to have to wait for the general election to see tears on the MSM faces.  1984 and 2004 were two such election nights to remember. 

This year with Trump, and somewhat with Bernie, you are set to see some gloomy faces with nearly every primary.  I say "you," because I cancelled cable back in 2010.

Bernie says we are due for a "political revolution."  I think we're seeing it.  And on the bright side, assuming Trump wins, the only suffering necessary to [start to] turn this country around will be among 'journalists,' and political 'experts' and consultants. 

I can live with that.

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