Monday, February 29, 2016

Blogroll Changes UPDATED and BUMPED

[orig post 2.13.16]


I recently found The Marshall Report.  Probably through a fellow Trump supporter.  A great blog with topics and views similar to Ushanka.  I am visiting daily.

I have also been visiting The Conservative Treehouse blog for a while now.  Their pro-Trump posts are like-minded, and their content solid.  I added this blog to the Commercial section, however.  Too many ads and automatic ad reloads.


RightWingNews - from the "Comrades" section to the "Other Good Blogs" section.  John Hawkins is a Cruz supporter, which is great as Cruz would be very good for this country.  But Mr. Hawkins has become both unhinged in his support, and a leader of the 'bash Trump on social media' mob.  He has sacrificed his new-media credibility with crap like this.

From yesterday:

From today:

Moved for the same reason, Comrade Diann's Patriot Retort.  Diann is a Cruz supporter, and she too has not been tolerant of the opinions of fellow Republicans.  She recently took the actions of a few loony Trump supporters and applied their views to the full movement and the candidate himself:

In a lot of ways, extremist Sharia adherents and these extremist Trump supporters have a lot in common. They both like to issue fatwas against anyone who dare blaspheme against their Prophet. They have their favorite websites where they go to read about the latest blasphemy against their demi-god and then they rush to Twitter and attack whoever it is who dared to defy him.
I've asked her to post her reasons for Cruz, rather than attack Trump or his supporters.  Isn't that what we should be doing?  It is what I did.

If she posted a Cruz-specific list, I haven't seen it. 


YouTube channel MainePrepper.

The channel has been deleted.

UPDATED 2.24.16:

Apparently John Hawkins unfriended me on Facebook.  He doesn't tolerate views other than his own.   It doesn't make sense to have a link to him here anymore, so I've removed it.

UPDATED and BUMPED 2.29.16:

Same for Diann at PatriotRetort, who has gone Full Glenn Beck.   Her post today about Trump supporters wanting a tyrant:
Many who support Trump admit that their vote for Trump is a big “fuck you” to Washington. They don’t give a damn if Trump is able to “Make America Great Again.” It doesn’t matter what he says or does. They simply see him as the best chance to stick it to everyone they hate. Their desire to “blow up the Establishment” is so virulent, they really don’t care if the collateral damage caused by the explosion also obliterates our Constitution, Individual Liberty, Free Speech, Private Property or anything else for that matter.
Have you noticed too that the Bitter Cruzingers reference nameless critics and their horrible reasons for supporting Trump?  Nor do they link to those who put their reasons in writing - like me.

UPDATED 3.7.16:

MoonBattery is gone.   Claiming Trump supporters want a dictator is disingenuous, and sets a lower standard for objectivity than Ushanka readers deserve. 


Diogenes Sarcastica™ said...

Comrade Karl, with all due respect, I feel you are being a little hard on Dianny. She is just reacting to the treatment that she and a lot of female bloggers get from rabid Trump supporters, especially over at IOTWreport, (where we both have been at home for many years) by some johnny come lately, obnoxious Internet bad asses that have shown up there lately, and hate female commentors who dare to question their given candidates stances. They do not want to debate, explain or reason, just put down, name call and drive people away. Like me, I believe Dianny was originally open minded about the whole thing, and I myself have not chosen yet to back one candidate over another. But I have had the very unpleasant experience of being trolled by some very obnoxious Trump supporters for my satire, which I point in all directions. You would just have to see some of the comments we both have had directed at us to know. As you and I both do know, Dianny is a treasure to our side and blogger community, and I'm sure she will vote for whoever is our nominee.

As for Mr. Hawkins, he is a different story. He once said small bloggers like ourselves should get off the Internet and out of the way of the "BIG BLOGGERS" like him because we are just unnecessary noise and are mudding the waters. That IS NOT a statement of disagreement with us over politics! F**K Mr. Hawkins! You should do as many of us have and remove him all together.

Jan (Diogenes)

Karl said...

Comrade Diogenes! Thank you for your comments.

I absolutely respect Diann, but I stand by my criticism. She came out strong for Cruz and I asked - to her directly and to her in our FB group - to lay out the merits of Cruz. All I've seen, and I could easily have missed something, was criticisms directed at Trump and his supporters. It has been insulting, and as it became repetitive it took more and more effort to give her the benefit of the doubt. If she posts something about Cruz or Trump now, I ignore it.

As for Hawkins, I have formed The People's Blogroll Purge Committee to review his blogroll membership. As you may know, it takes several months of my daily visits to a site before it makes the Ushanka blogroll. I want to be sure.

This Cruz-Trump crap caught me completely by surprise and has been AS depressing as watching a commie win the white house and harm this country. Being called "stupid" by my fellow conservatives has made a mark. It'll be over soon, but the scars will remain.

sth_txs said...

:LOL: Yes, if we vote Trump, what is left of our Constitutional liberties will be gone. Most of them have been gone for sometime with the help of the Republican Party. The hysteria is amazing sometimes.

Here is a former Reagan administration and congressman on the situation:

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