Wednesday, June 04, 2014

The Decline, As Seen In Cincinnati

You can't double unemployment, bankrupt and dilute the greatness of this country, and not see the impact at the local level.  While sad, this decline is intended by those who've thrust it upon us, as they plan to use it to further limit our freedoms and justify more wasteful spending.  It is what they do.

Cincinnati has an annual event called Taste of Cincinnati.  I have yet to go, but it is a popular event with many including my neighbors and friends.  This year's attendees were greeted with, "Why are you white people in our neighborhood?"  Then, two attendees were attacked.

Kudos to the DA for filing these as hate crimes.  Although all crime is 'hate crime' in my opinion, the intent behind hate crime legislation was to trap white males into excessive prison sentences in otherwise less-serious crimes.  The hateful white male rarely materialized, so this special criminal category has been applied against hateful people of other races.

The decline was also seen at a local Kindergarten graduation ceremony.  It started as a domestic disturbance but grew to as many as 20 attendees.  Because if you really want to punch someone, wait until your daughter's Kindergarten graduation.

More decline is coming.

I blame public education, absent fathers, disinterested single mothers, and the ever-lower standards of liberalism.  What did I miss?

Oh, and if this stuff bothers you, maybe you'd feel better if you bought comrade Clarey's Enjoy the Decline.  Good advice on how to stay upbeat as this ship sinks!


Glen Filthie said...

America has no problem with black people. It does, however, have a serious nigger problem and it starts in the Whitehouse. It is time to stop mincing words and call a spade a spade. I know that won't sit well with a lot of people, and the language sure as hell won't...but reality is what it is.

Robert What? said...

True - any truthful black person will tell you there are black people and there are niggers. Just like there are Italian people and there are guineas, etc. Most white people have no issues with black people (well maybe guineas do), but noone, black or white, wants to be around niggers:

Karl said...

Glen & Robert:

Thanks for taking time to comment, but two things:

1) I've avoided the "N" word here on Ushanka for almost 8 years and would like to ask you and others to respect that informal rule, and

2) I'd suggest reading these decline stories with ideology in mind rather than race.

It is my opinion that the decline among us can be directly attributed to liberalism and all its failings. These stories around America are like the Detroit house photos I recently posted - more symptoms of failed policies by people bent on control and redistribution.

I'll leave your comments up with the hope you'll clarify.


Robert What? said...

I will respect your wishes for your blog in the future.