Saturday, June 07, 2014

Hero/Caption of the Day

This is a Tribute post for Jon Meis.

Jon Meis stopped a mass shooter at Seatlle's Pacific University this past Thursday.  The shooter brought 50 rounds of shotgun ammo and had already wounded two and killed another when Jon ended the attack.  He saved many lives.

Here is a photo of Jon after the shooting, posted at Imgur with the perfect caption:

And here are some selected Imgur user comments:

I don't think I could ever do that. Not just cuz I'd be scared shitless but I'd mess it up somehow, no joke

I have enormous respect for someone who is willing to put others lives before their own. This man is indeed, a hero

Hero Level: AVENGERS.

I graduated high school with Jon. None of my friends were surprised that he did this. He's a quiet guy but an amazing person.So proud of him

This is the person that needs his face plastered everywhere. Celebrate the heroes, not the villains.

that's one badass motherfucker. Samuel L. Jackson approves.

Balls of fucking steel. I wish tragedies didn't happen but lets make his name famous instead.

Just read the article on this. This kid had A LOT to lose, and put his life on the line. That community owes him a huge debt.

Just bought that guy a coffee grinder off his wedding registry, if he wants a frickin' coffee grider, I'm gonna get him one. *In Seattle.

+1 for not failing on the caption

I may be late here, but what I love MOST about this story is the attention given to the HERO, NOT the gunman, who doesn't need attention.

He deserves footprints in the downtown Seattle area, next to Jimi Hendrix...+1!

Respect. That's just ridiculous bravery.

Psychopaths hate him

Comrade Bob Owens has a good article about Jon at Bearing Arms, where he adds:

Because it doesn’t fit the preferred narrative, there are things about Meis that the media seem to be choosing not to share about him.

Meis first made the news in 2010 for his academic performance, where he earned student of the month honors. It was noted that he helped found the S.KA.R. airsoft team which competes in simulated combat events.

In addition to his impressive humanitarian and academic efforts in high school, Jon Meis was the co-founder of the S.K.A.R. airsoft team.

Meis’s Facebook page “Likes”  also reveal that Meis supports the National Rifle Association and numerous firearms and gear manufacturers and retailers, including AIM Surplus,, Kel-Tec, Kinetic Concealment, Mossberg,  Savage, and Remington.

UPDATED 6.10.14 11am:

Mr. Meis has released a statement.  Class.  Pure class.

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