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Mullah Bergdahl UPDATED and BUMPED

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I have family visiting, so I've only seen a handful of headlines in the past few days.  I am obviously late to the game on this story.

I first thought the Taliban (5) - Bowe Bergdahl prisoner exchange was an effort by our dear leader to deflect criticism from his poor management of our veterans' health, and his further piss-poor handling of the VA scandal.  I'm one who subscribes to the practice of "getting bad news out early," however even I would want to deflect a colossal failure such as Obama's VA.

The early criticism of the prisoner exchange focused on the fact that five top Taliban commanders were chosen for the trade and that this trade violated some law passed by Congress.

A quick check of my favorite blogs (see Blogroll at left) tells me there is a bit more to this story.  Or, you can just look at Bowe's father at the White House to know there is more filth to this story.

Or that the father praised Allah for the prisoner exchange at the White House....

 Or maybe the father's tweet...

But if you really want to know how Obama has set a new low with this exchange, go read about how the soldier, Bowe Bergdahl, fell into the Taliban's hands... and survived for five years when no other prisoners last more than a month or two...  or is the reason two US soldiers died in their search for Bowe...

This nation needs an Obama enema. 

A full cleansing is in order.  

Tyranny will prevail if we're allowed to redefine right and wrong.

Here is what needs to happen:
First, instead of being welcomed home, Bowe must be charged with desertion and the deaths of two American soldiers.

If convicted, he should hang from his neck until dead.
Until responsibility and accountability are restored, our nation's survival - our soul - is at risk.

Is there anyone out there that still thinks the Democrat Party is worthy of this task?

Links above from WZ, MoonBattery, Pat Dollard and The Blaze.

UPDATED 6.2.14 2:30pm:

Here is a photo of 2LT Darryn Andrews.  He died on September 4, 2009 while searching for Bowe Berghadhi.

 Unlike Bowe, Darryn will be remembered as a hero.

U/T: Pat Dollard 

And watch this as "Honor" and "Distinction" are redefined by those who have neither:

U/T: WZ 

UPDATED and BUMPED 6.3.14 11:30am:

 Mullah Bergdahl's YouTube Taliban greeting to Bowe (via Noisyroom):

And trending on the Internet today, these photos of six US Army personnel whose combat deaths are linked to the search for the deserting Bowe:

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