Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Our Veterans Administration

I've been following the VA Hospital scandal as it has been growing in my Government Motors post.  It is now too big to be a sub-topic in another post.

The story, at a high level: The VA bureaucracy, emulating Obama's views of our current and retired military, has killed over 150 veterans and ignored thousands more.

Even the old media at CNN and Slate are paying attention to this story.  Maybe to play-it-out so it's a non-issue in the 2014 and 2016 elections.

But reporting at the "high level" will not make this story go away.

Here is the same story, at the personal level:

A facebook user and apparently a veteran of the current wars, Hamody Jasim, posted an incident on December 5th of last year along with the photos in this post.

He came across a man bleeding in his car.  Here is the what Hamody posted that day.  (I've added some line spaces to make the run-on sentence easier to read, and the bold is mine too.)
Today I found this old veteran of the United states Air Force bleeding non stop out of his head and crying he couldn't stand on his foot he lost control after bleeding between my hands for more than an hour
when I asked him he said he just removed a cancer of his face at the VA in new haven and he is still under the medication from the surgery and they let him go right after the operation was done because they didn't want to care for him and they treated him so bad over there he went out and drove by him self and he did not know what is going on until
I found him bleeding in a gas station in Orange CT I called 911 they showed up after 40 minutes after I called them .my question was how could they let you go like that right after the surgery and let you drive by yourself like that ?
the ambulance decided to dump him back at the VA where they just mistreated him .I have always heard of how bad they treat those veterans who served their country and those thugs who works at the VA as well but now I have seen it with my eyes this is a man who served 34 years in the military Master Chief in the Air Force
after I tried to stop the bleeding he looked at me and said son I never thought we would be treated like that someday .I looked at my self after they evacuated him and thought this could be me someday our you guys my veteran partners how would the next generation will treat us they will basically put us between the hands of people will not care about who you are and what have you done .
I want to cry as well but he was already down and didn't want to make him feel worse I kept working on how to stop the bleeding .my only question is do people really mean it when they say thank you for your service we call it the United states but not the most United nation after what I saw today people are more worried about what I look like what is my skin color what is my religion and what country I was born at
but not so worried about the veterans who spend their lives getting shot at so these thugs at VA live a happy safely secure life and enjoy their times ...
really America I wish I can put these idiots who work there through one day of what these veterans used to go through so I can show you what's like to be in this old man situation.

Democrat candidates will speak for all liberals when they say "we support the troops."  Usually every four years or so.

Allow me to speak for everyone else: Actions speak louder than words.


In response to CJ's comment below, I share this cartoon found on FB:

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Anonymous said...

The VA is government run health care. Is this what all of us have to look forward too? Well all of us except the ruling class.