Sunday, May 11, 2014

Ahhh, Love

Shame on you if you're shocked by today's Drudge page.

You didn't see this coming when Rush was run out of sportscasting?  When NFL players wore pink?  Or when Costas shared his gun-control opinions?  The NFL is a political entity disguising itself - poorly - as a professional sports organization. 

Based on my research (see Library at left), we have to go a bit further down this slippery slope before we can turn the corner.  The real question is: Will we?

You can cancel your cable subscription to do your part to cut off the funding to the NFL and others who want to rid our society of family and religious values.  That's a start.  But be forewarned, don't express your disgust publicly.  The hunt is on for those who voice their opposition to the Liberal Progressive Communist agenda being forced on America.

UPDATED 5.12.14:

That didn't take long.

Free Republic:  After Posting Negative Tweets about Michael Sam, NFL Player Fined, Excused from Team

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