Saturday, May 31, 2014

Saturday Range Report

Three generations of the Ushanka clan went to the range today.

We played a little Battleship, then tried our luck at the SteamPunk targets.  All at 50yds bench-rest, .17HMR rifles fitted with 3x9 scopes.  All 20gr Hornady ammo. 

Battleship: Karl (Left), Gramps (Middle), and Zhukov (Right).

Zhukov is more sensitive to coffee, thus yours truly pulled off the win in every match.  However, Zhukov set a higher standard for himself in the SteamPunk match by only allowing a single hit per target.

Zhukov - Marlin with Minox scope - 66pts

Karl - Weatherby with Burris scope - 79pts

U/T: Mr. B and Engineering Johnson

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