Friday, May 16, 2014

Vietnam Vets

A Tribute post to the veterans of the Vietnam War, with a great video found at OldNFO's site:

As you know, I sometimes look at things with a political eye.  Is it wrong then for me to suggest this theory?

Vietnam Veterans were treated like shit when they returned to the United States because, unlike the recent wars in the Middle East, the Vietnam Vets kicked the living shit out of Communists.  

Just a theory, but one worthy of this advice until proven untrue:  Don't kill communists by the hundreds, win every battle, and set their expansionist plans back, and then expect a warm welcome home from their fellow Marxists here in the states.

A suggestion for Google: Add a hippie translator to Google Translate.  If the hippie yells "baby killer," then the patriot translation says "Welcome Home," and "Thank you for your service."

UPDATED 5.21.14:

From a FB Comrade:

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