Thursday, May 01, 2014

Liberals and Racism

Are they getting desperate?  Just a week ago it was Cliven Bundy.

It was never our intent to track the relationship of Liberals Progressives Communists and their go-to smear of racism.  What does that have to do with tracking Communist Inspirations?

Well, it does actually.  Their racism charge is meant to stifle debate and, thus, freedom of speech.  Mao, Stalin and Castro shared these goals, but had other means available.

The "racism" bleat works, so they re-use it often.   Or, at least, it used to work.

Exhibit A:

HIL...ARE...OUS!  Another racism charge falls flat!  And these people run our country!?

We'd say "no further questions, your honor," however we have one:  Does the ownership agreement state that an owner can be forced to sell his team?
If so, the process worked.

If not, then the NBA league's order to sell the Clippers is an over-extension of the agreement.  
I'm guessing the latter, and I'm disgusted with the evil philosophy of others that says someone can be forced to sell an asset of theirs.  Sterling wasn't discovered to be some Gestapo executioner in hiding.  He was caught exercising his right to free speech and to make an ass of himself. 

This penalty would be even more outrageous, but we're in the days of ObamaCare where it is now ok to be forced to buy something.

TMZ, which broke the story, also ran an article stating Mr. Sterling has refused to sell.  Good for him.

We hope he also refuses to pay a dime to Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Oprah, and the other shakedown race-hustler racists that are humping his leg right now.

Honestly... The "N" word doesn't carry the same weight as it once did.  Rappers are over-using it.  Black uneducated fatherless Obama-voters are using it daily.  Heck, did you notice we elected, then re-elected, a black man as president?  Whatever "racism" existed 5.5 years ago is long since gone (not including Affirmative Action).

Three things usually happen when libs use the race card:
1) It backfires,
2) It signals that we've won the debate, and
3) We get a good laugh.

Yes - they are getting desperate.  If Ushanka had a pile of cash, the NAACP would award us a Lifetime Achievement Award, and Sharpton would find a reason to be upset with us too.

And today's news at LI: Mississippi congressman Bennie Thompson said this:
Now all of a sudden, government is the worst thing in the world since a black man became President.

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