Monday, May 05, 2014

Michigan News

"You will only eat what we tell you to eat," said at least one bureaucrat in the Michigan Commission of Agriculture in the past week.

Comrade M, a hat owner and solid anti-communist, shares this Inquisitr story: Michigan Loses 'Right to Farm' This Week: A Farewell to Backyard Chickens and Beekeepers.
Michigan residents lost their “right to farm” this week thanks to a new ruling by the Michigan Commission of Agriculture and Rural Development. Gail Philburn of the Michigan Sierra Club told Michigan Live, the new changes “effectively remove Right to Farm Act protection for many urban and suburban backyard farmers raising small numbers of animals.” Backyard and urban farming were previously protected by Michigan’s Right to Farm Act. The Commission ruled that the Right to Farm Act protections no longer apply to many homeowners who keep small numbers of livestock.

Kim White, who raises chickens and rabbits, said, “They don’t want us little guys feeding ourselves. They want us to go all to the big farms. They want to do away with small farms and I believe that is what’s motivating it.”
Just when I thought Michigan had hit bottom....

Step 1) Reduce food sources.

Step 2) Regulate food sources.

Step 3) Nationalize food distribution.

Step 4) Distribute food 'for the greater good."

It worked for Lenin (1921: 6mil internal enemies dead) and Stalin (1932: 6mil internal enemies dead).

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