Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day Cigar

Romeo Y Julieta.

I'm halfway through Keith C. Blackmore's horror book, The Missing Boatman.  It is wonderful so far, but the horror is pretty mild and I'm doing a lot more laughing than I had expected.  I've linked to Blackmore before in my Top Zombie Books post, and the praise I had for him there carries over to this book.  This author has a great imagination and is an excellent writer.  If you want to beat inflation, buy the book on Kindle for $2.99 and enjoy yourself.

I took a break at mid-cigar to catch-up on some Ushanka reading.  First was Ann Barnhardt's latest post where she commented on this arrest of William Baer at a parent meeting with school administrators:

It has to be said:  what kind of parent would send their child to a public school today in the first place?  I’m dead serious here.  Public school is handing your children over to Marxist, satanic psychopaths...

The most terrifying thing about that video is the fact that NOBODY did ANYTHING to stop than man – who had done nothing wrong – from being arrested.  In fact, they all just sat there trying desperately to pretend that they weren’t seeing any of it.  THAT is what was so chilling.  All of the men (and some of the women) should have leapt to their feet and formed a perimeter around the man.  Make that fat, conscienceless, miserable tick of a wannabe Stormtrooper understand that if he wants to go there, shit can most definitely get REAL.  But no.  No, no.  That roomful of cowards just sat there and watched.
Why are we only hearing these opinions from one person, when the outrage should come from all?

That may just sound like a rhetorical question, but this video was so disturbing that I pushed away from the keyboard for a couple days.  A school administrator can order an officer to arrest a parent?  There was a day, not too long ago, when an officer would laugh at such an order.  I have no doubt there are many officers out there who still will, but I suggest you consider the following:  it is government vs. the people now.  That school administrator and that police officer have common goals: retain their authority, milk the system for pay and pension, and intimidate the public from questioning their actions or turning off the tax-payer spigot. 

Next, the WSJ's Daniel Henninger wrote on the 7th, Obama Unleashes the Left.  He reviews the recent rejection of conservative thoughts by the open-minded college administrators at Rutgers, Azusa Pacific, and Oberlin.  And he warns of what will occur due to the Montana documents - recent new policy directives that claim they are "entirely consistent with the First Amendment:"
First Amendment? It's more like a fatwa. The Obama administration has issued a federal hunting license to deputize fanatics at any university in America. They will define who gets accused, and on what basis. 
He closes with:
If it's possible for the left to have its John Birch moment, we're in it. Wave goodbye to cardboard civility.
What is a John Birch Society?  (wikipedia)

To demonstrate that I still have a lot to learn, I do not know anything about the John Birch Society (JDS).  I remember coming in contact with some John Birch types at Cincinnati Tea Parties in 2009, but I recall not finding a reason to learn more.  (They came across like Libertarians.)  The whole point of the Tea Party for me was the uprising of individuals in the name of three shared principles: limited government, reduced spending and strong national security.  (These are still my priorities, I remain independent, and I have not joined any group including any of the Tea Party organizations.)

So, while I do not understand Henninger's close, I have discovered the following:

They were founded on anti-communist principles.

They want to "end the Fed."

They are seen as "extreme right wing" and "radical right wing" (by whoever makes up those labels).

William F. Buckley's objection to JDS was their elaborate organization into cells of no more than 20, and their aggressive tactics to reverse communist influences in the government, specifically in education and their selection of textbooks.  (See William Baer above...)

Here is a screenshot of the JDS Issues webpage:

Yep, like you, I saw Agenda 21 too.  That is some Alex Jones-like conspiracy stuff there.  I haven't dug into this page, but I already know that the first two "issues" disqualify the organization as one I would consider joining.

On a positive note, they do not have an issue called Legalize Marijuana.  So maybe grouping them with Libertarians is unfair....

The two areas I'd like to know more is:
1) What recent progress have they made in their anti-communist pursuits? 
2) What anti-communist plans do they have for the future?

I'd appreciate comments if you can explain the Henninger close, or answer either of these two questions?

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