Thursday, May 01, 2014

May Day, 2014

The Greater Good crowds were celebrating everywhere today.


Pat Dollard:  Russia Stages First Red Square May Day Parade Since Soviet Days.

WZ: Lib Hero Sandra Fluke Celebrates Communist May Day.....

WZ: Pro-Russia Activists in East Ukraine Celebrate Stalin to mark May Day...

Related: Ilya Somin, writing for The Volokh Conspiracy, makes his case for the 7th year in a row to make May Day the "Victims of Communism Day."
May Day began as a holiday for socialists and labor union activists, not just communists. But over time, the date was taken over by the Soviet Union and other communist regimes and used as a propaganda tool to prop up their regimes. I suggest that we instead use it as a day to commemorate those regimes’ millions of victims. The authoritative Black Book of Communism estimates the total at 80 to 100 million dead, greater than that caused by all other twentieth century tyrannies combined. We appropriately have a Holocaust Memorial Day. It is equally appropriate to commemorate the victims of the twentieth century’s other great totalitarian tyranny. And May Day is the most fitting day to do so…
Comrade Ilya, here at Ushanka, everyday is Victims of Communism Day.

An old ad that has proven timeless:

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