Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Putin and Mother Russia

ViceNews has some great footage of Putin declaring victory in Crimea in this short 5-min video. 

Bonus features include:
  * A familiar song sung by sailors,
  * A building with a hammer and sickle on it,
  * A poster of Stalin,
  * A ushanka,
  * Russian soldiers marching in formation with rifles,
  * And a stereotypical round-faced old lady (with unflattering growths on her face).


PJ O'Rourke has a great article explaining Putin's future demise.  If you agree that history repeats itself, O'Rourke makes the case that Putin will be doomed by Russian history.

My thoughts:
Putin had a choice to go with his Nationalist Authoritarianism.  It was the easy option.  Russia is blessed with rich natural resources.  Another option would have been to share those riches with its citizens in a way similar to Saudi Arabia.  He could have chosen to establish a rule of law that would attract foreign investment and foreign depositors, and put Russia's banking industry on the same level as Singapore.  Further, he could have used these quality-of-life incentives to break the country's abuses in alcohol and abortion.  Combined, he could have made Russia a premier tourist and retirement destination. 

Instead, following his impulses from a thug-background in the KGB, he has chosen the Communist principles of expansionism, theft, agitation and nationalism.  The only people that inspires are those stuck there as citizens. 

Enjoy your nationalism there, comrades.

Abortion map found at Ann Barnhardt's site.

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