Saturday, May 10, 2014

1970's McDonalds Prices

Gather 'round kids.  Let's see what forty years of regulations, minimum-wage hikes, piss-poor monetary policies and deficit-spending bring us.  Here is a McDonalds menu from the 1970's, shared by FB Comrade Donald:

Our Inflation article is a bit old now, but the lessons and predictions are timeless so long as we elect decision makers who are incompetent, criminal or both.


Anonymous said...

They are not incompetent, they are following their plan to a T. The increased minimum wage and welfare payments allow people to believe they are getting more than they did five years ago (or forty years ago) while still allowing the politically elite and connected keep control.

PS, I'm still working on the guest blog you asked me to write on my take on family values and gay marriage. It keeps going off track and I have to reign it back in to the main topic.


Anonymous said...

McDonald's fries in 1970 in Austin, Texas, were 15 cents. Hamburger was 29 cents, while Cheeseburger was 39 cents.

Unknown said...

The sales tax alone on my milkshake is 47 cents back when I was a teenager the entire shake only cost 35 cents