Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Another Govt Healthcare Story

I dedicate this post to Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts.

The Telegraph:  Doctor, 29, died of cancer after being told she was too young to have disease
Think about it!  If your spouse, sibling, significant other, partner, or comrade dies a slow death from an ObamaCare commissar's mis-diagnosis, you can organize a fun run!

The dead woman's brother, Rob Newton:
It was a huge shock when we discovered it was terminal.

But throughout it all Suzanne was bright and upbeat.
Suzanne Gould's brother had three choices after his sister's death (ranked in order of difficulty):
1) Do nothing,
2) Organize a fun run to raise money for the World Cancer Research Fund,
3) Change the system that contributed to his sister's death.
What would you want your family to choose?

Image from BaronBob.

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