Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Lost Children

Today's news about this FBI sting is horrendous.

Nearly 170 victims of child sex trafficking, many of whom had never been reported missing, were rescued in the last week as part of an annual nationwide crackdown, the FBI said Monday.

Besides the 168 children rescued from the sex trade, 281 pimps were arrested during the same period on state and federal charges.

"These are not faraway kids in faraway lands," FBI Director James Comey said in announcing the annual enforcement push known as Operation Cross Country. Instead, he added, "These are America's children."
Call me old fashioned, but this is America and every child should grow up in a loving, safe and inspiring environment.  The missing outrage from these stories is deafening.

And question of the day:  

What kind of parent doesn't report their child missing?

In two years a Republican nominee will give speeches about a 'return to a better time.'  He or she will speak of values - American values - that if tapped will lead us to a brighter future.  A great message.   A correct message.  A message that must be repeated and echoed by all in order to drive change.

But how we do this if parents today aren't being parents?  How far have we fallen?  Or, more specifically, how far have the Liberals Progressives Communists taken us?

My suggestion shouldn't come as a surprise.  The old Ushanka rule: The application of heaping globs of mockery and shame on the left is the only way to turn the corner.  Here is how I would suggest the Republican nominee in 2016 start every campaign speech:


UPDATED 5 minutes later...

How fitting.  Check out this video Wild Bill just posted.

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Robert What? said...

Forgive me, but I've very suspicious of these government claims of busting up "child prostitution" rings. Notice there is no mention of any ages, except for the person they interviewed who was "lured into prostitution at 17". That means she was 17 when she started. I'm sorry, but that is not forced child prostitution : that is a career choice.