Friday, June 20, 2014

Why I Sometimes Feel Pessimitic

The damage is done from the IRS scandal.  Careers are protected.  People have transferred.  Heck, some of these criminals have already retired.  This clown is at least the 2nd IRS Commissioner to testify. 

If it takes 4 years before a sitting congressman has the opportunity to weigh-in as Paul Ryan did today, then that is 4 years of victim suffering and damage to the Republic that can not be undone.

I understand there is a process.  I'm saying the process is deficient against willful and organized criminal behavior.

And, as a formerly certified Microsoft Systems Engineer with the Microsoft Exchange (email) certification, I do not believe for a second those email messages were "lost."

U/T: NiceDeb and Paul Ryan

UPDATED 6.21.14 7:30pm:

NiceDeb posted this Krauthammer response to the Ryan slap-down above:

More videos and NiceDeb comments at the link!

UPDATED 6.22.14 11am:

A FB Comrade shared this link to Twitchy.  Comedian/actor Michael McDonald has posted some tweets on the IRS.  I liked these two in reference to IRS Commissar Koskinen:

Where did they find that haughty reptile representing the IRS?  He should play the villain in every movie until the end of time.
Waiting for the IRS commissioner to split his skin and turn into an even more vile form of bureaucrat with the power to ruin citizen's lives.
Social Media: Invented by liberals.  Used by conservatives to mock and expose liberals, and to educate the masses of the liberal agenda.

UPDATED 6.22.14 3pm:

Check out this one from Comrade Diann!

Usually the mockery of each scandal isn't complete until a Hitler bunker video.  Diann may have created the rare exception here.

UPDATED 6.24.14 7am:

From a FB Comrade:


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