Tuesday, April 19, 2016

NY Votes Today

Or at least they are trying to vote today. 

Drudge at 1:40pm:

John Podhoretz, a FB comrade, Bitter Cruzinger and editor of Commentary Magazine, advises his FB friends in NY City to avoid a vote for Trump:

Trump is projected to win 60% of the vote in New York state, assuming New Yorkers get to vote and their votes are counted.

The real nail-biter tonight will be:

Who gets 2nd place on the GOP side?

UPDATED 4.19.16 9pm:

Some people would call Trump's 61% win in NY a "blowout."  And they'd say Cruz's 3rd place finish says everything we need to know about Cruz.

Count me as one of those people.

Yes, I'm gloating, but I'm only gloating at the Bitter Cruzingers, not the loyal Cruz supporters who talk up their candidate rather than talk down mine.

Some early tweets from the Bitter Cruzingers tonight:

Cruz on Sean Hannity radio show today.  Tell me how this does NOT sound like someone losing in the court of public opinion.
"All of this noise and complaining and whining has come from the Trump campaign because they don't like the fact that they've lost five election in a row," Cruz said on Tuesday. The Texas Senator noted that 1.3 million people have participated in the recent contests despite some calling them 'voteless elections'.

"Republicans are uniting behind our campaigns so they are screaming on Drudge--and it's getting echoed--this notion of 'voteless elections' it is nonsense," Cruz said.

"Donald Trump's campaign does not know how to organize on the grassroots, and so when the delegates are elected the real conservative activists show up, they elect delegates and we are winning those elections over and over and over again," Senator Cruz explained to Sean. "I cannot help that the Donald Trump campaign does not seem capable of running a lemonade stand."

"If you lose, don't cry about it, go back and learn how to win an election," Cruz added.
More on Cruz's meltdown at GP (full audio).

CT reports only 22 people showed up at Cruz's Philadelphia rally today.

If I were to guess the reason for the drop in support - and I'm just a simple hat maker here - I'd suggest 'No one wants to vote for a loser.'  Cruz and Kasich, in my opinion, now share the same base: the anti-Trump voters.

On the lighter side, WZ reports that Comrade Bernie was ... wait for it ... kicked out of a hippie commune in 1971 because ... wait some more, its worth it ... he didn't pull his weight. 

Is this not the best primary season ever?

UPDATED 4.20.16 10:45am:

Bitter Cruzinger Podhoretz, bitterly clinging to a candidate who took last place last night, chimes in on FB:

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DAN III said...

Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5, USC.

Why is it that the Constitution is dead among the bulk of Amerikans ? Cruz is no more a natural born citizen than soetoro-obama is. We see where the illegal Kenyan ended up.

Tne country is dead. Borders wide open, an illegitimate POTUS and the charade continues with ass-clowns like Loesch leading the charge for another usurper, Cuban-Canadian Cruz.