Monday, April 04, 2016

Quote of the Day

Comrade Matt Forney is covering the primary in Wisconsin, and he is at a Cruz event right now.  He shares this on FB:
The left doesn't consider Cruz a threat. We're in leftist Madison and not one protester is here.
Be sure to read his reports from Wisconsin, and soon from New York, at his blog.


Haxo Angmark said...

no surprise. Cruz is the fake "anti-establishment" Establishment candidate: Harvard Law, clerk for the Gang of 9, married to GoldmanSachs/CFR, K Street law/lobbyist firm, U.S. Senate. And his policies, campaign rhetoric aside, are identical to that other Deep State front, Mrs. Clinton: open borders, free trade, Big Israel, big war, big gubmint, big debt. Neo-con Cruz and what passes for "the Left" will, if he winds up in the WH, get along fine via the usual warfare/welfare state trade-offs

Anonymous said...

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