Saturday, April 23, 2016

Quote of the Day

Comrade, author and Glorious Hat model, Ann Sterzinger shares the following on FB:
Here's a generalization of Vox Day's "SJWs always lie" principle: Anyone who thinks of arguments as a win/lose activity rather than a learn/learn proposition isn't worth the time you'll spend arguing with them, because since "winning" is more important to them than the truth, they inevitably resort to lying and bad arguments, and then you wind up wasting your time arguing with crazy bullshit. It can be entertaining from time to time, but unless you can shut them down quickly (which isn't that likely when you're dealing with someone who will resort to anything to "win"; even after they've obviously lost they're going to keep flailing) it's kind of a waste of life.
Unfortunately, those people are 98 percent of the Internet.
This applies to arguing with Bitter Cruzingers too.

My December review of SJWs Always Lie.

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