Sunday, April 17, 2016

Cruz in WY

Congratulations to Cruz for another victory.  This time in Wyoming.

This new form of democracy, where voters aren't bothered to vote, is catching on.  First in Colorado, and now in Wyoming.

As a 'low information voter,' I'd be upset about these faux primaries.  But my candidate continues to poll at 50% in the national polls while this sophisticated candidate uses the fine print to either win delegates without a vote, or redistribute delegates who were already awarded to someone else.

Even the deeply respected Glenn Beck supports this new form of democracy!

It may all be legal.  And everybody knew the rules going into the primaries.

But you'll never convince low-information voters of this.  Those stupid 50% are going to think they've been cheaTed.

And that is why I'm enjoying this primary season.  We get to see the candidates without the marketing.  We get to see the real candidates, their true character, and their values.

In the case of Ted Cruz, we get to see him as Heidi sees him.

UPDATED 4.18.16 9pm:

Some supporting information - for the record:

Georgia:  (Breitbart) EXCLUSIVE — Trump Campaign: Cruz Staged ‘Attack’ In Georgia To Steal Delegates…’Not Grassroots Activism’.  Thomas Deen, data analyst for the Trump GA campaign:
I was speaking to someone in our third district and he said that they actually re-did the committee and replaced the committee with Cruz members and then passed motions to replace the Trump delegates with Cruz delegates.
Colorado:  (Gateway Pundit) Figures. Cruz Delegates Voted to Scrap Colorado Primary Election

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