Thursday, April 07, 2016

New Rickards Book: The Case for Gold

I started reading his new book, The Case for Gold, this morning.  I'm on Chapter 3 already.

You will read about:
Our existing informal gold standard,
Marx's influence on value,
The Theft of Inflation,
And the five risks we face in the digital age.
In other words, this is not just a book about the yellow metal.  It is about our current and coming economic challenges.

This is my 8th or 9th book on Gold and Monetary Policy, and my third Rickards book.  I'll be sharing more on what I've learned sometime in the near future.

The author, Jim Rickards, was interviewed today by Greg Hunter.  An excellent interview.  (Don't be spooked by the $10k/oz title.  That usually means a doomsdayer-type or someone who is selling gold, like Peter Schiff.  In this case, Mr. Rickards is discussing the math behind a future gold standard.)

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Buy the book at Amazon.

For those who've watched my Ratio videos, today's ratio is 81:1.  Wow.

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