Wednesday, April 06, 2016


Senator Cruz won the Wisconsin primary last night.  I waited to hear from Comrade Matt Forney before posting here.  Matt has been on the ground in Wisconsin, and he has become my go-to-comrade for insight into this crazy primary season.  He did not disapoint.

He posted his after-action report at Return of Kings: Donald Trump’s Loss In Wisconsin Sets The Stage For Carnage In The Republican Convention.

Did you know:
Trump performs best in states with large numbers of minorities, which is why he’s swept the South, Northeast and industrial Midwest as well as the Latino-heavy Western states of Nevada and Arizona. Cruz performs best in predominately white states like Iowa, Kansas and Utah that have been somewhat spared the horrors of globalization and multiculturalism, both of which Trump attacks in his speeches.
I've been toying with a "Cruz Train" idea for a while now.  Matt gave me the missing pieces:

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