Friday, April 29, 2016

Matt Bracken Interview

Author Matt Bracken was interviewed a couple days ago by Alex Jones.

The interview starts at the 55min mark, and ends with Matt losing his Skype connection at 1:37.

Alex was unaware of Bracken, his books and his articles.  He says this, but it was obvious with all of Alex's interruptions.  I tuned in to hear Matt only, and here are some of the things I heard:
Marxist Uprising.

Marxist take down.

We're going to have an overload of the system.

Electricity has become our oxygen.

1:18:20 mark - Our three parallel systems

I think of it as 1917 in Russia.

1:25:15 mark - We need to prepare for a grid-down scenario in the next year.  Because we are not going to have a Russian Revolution ... through Washington DC and the power stays on. 

The militia of one.

There is a lot of digging-in going on.
I don't know if any of these predictions will come true, but I am a consumer of the pessimism in Obama's America with QE, ZIRP, NSA eavesdropping, IRS abuse, a massive enthusiasm for Bernie and Hillary, etc.  Matt is one of the few I listen to.  (Alex is not.) 

I think it is better to be aware of these scenarios, prepare within reason, and continue to live life with as little worry as possible.

I highly recommend Matt's Enemies trilogy.  Here is a link to the first book.  It is very entertaining, and more than enough to prove that Matt is an expert at understanding evil.

Further, I recommend Matt's recent essays, both listed in the Ushanka Library at the left.

Matt Bracken's new site.


UPDATED 5.2.16 5pm:

Bracken was on AJ again today.  Starts at 19-min mark.

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