Monday, January 27, 2014


Video of a building takeover in Ukraine.

Those officers are earning their pay.  No doubt many of them agree with the protest movement.

Hopefully the protesters will stay focused on the objectives: undo the agreement with Russia and steer the country towards a more Western integration.

More video.

UPDATED 1.28 10am:

Great news from ZH:  Russia Threatens with Pulling Bailout as Ukrainian Government Resigns.
Mykola Azurov, the prime minister of Ukraine, (and his cabinet) has resigned. The move comes as the government faced losing a no confidence vote and being stripped off their power. It seems the opposition (pro-Europe) are gaining momentum once again as the Ukraine also repealed the controversial anti-protest laws that created more tension last week. The Russians are not amused and have warned that they may reconsider the $15 billion bailout offer if the current government is removed.
Wow.  Congrats to the freedom fighters, but don't rest until you see it through!


Anonymous said...

I am confused, why is the US/EU a better deal?? We are all dying a slow death with worse to come thanks to western central banking!!

Brock Townsend said...

why is the US/EU a better deal?

Damn good question. The commie EU is far worst than Russia and they will learn the consequences.

Anonymous said...

Exactly! Even a Jewish man purporting to be a Christian, Orthodox, has noted that Russia is now what the USA once was, and the USA is now what Soviet Russia once was.

So, why side with the EU/American nihilist hegemony? Because you like fiat currency, fags in high places, and abortion on demand?

No creo yo!

- Fr. John+
("Christian formerly known as a US Citizen," now seeing Snowden is right.)