Friday, January 03, 2014

Bezos Throws the Steak

Ezra Klein, of Journolist fame, works for worked for the Washington Post. 

Jeff Bezos, of Amazon fame, bought the Washington Post last October.

Klein has had a new media project that will would have cost $10m. 

Bezos, with some experience in doing more with less (it's a private sector thing - look it up), thinks Klein's project is overpriced by, say, about, oh... $10m.

Klein leaves and will land on his feet at DailyKos, MSNBC, Communist Party USA, or one of the other floundering Democrat Party organizations.  No doubt he knows where a body or two are buried.

Here are some things we suspect were overheard as Klein left the building:
1)  "You'll regret this.  You can't replace me."

2)  "Those project costs are how we've always done things around here."

3) "Bezos doesn't know shit about how to run a media organization."

4)  "I was planning on leaving anyway!"
5) "I'm not crying.  I just have something in my eye."
6) "I'm going to go home, put on my jammies, and drink a cup of hot chocolate."

Look on the bright side, Ezra: Your healthcare is now mobile and goes with you!

And hey, Ezra, don't let the steak hit you on the way out.

Related - One: Captain Capitalism has a great post about the dying conservative media today.  While he is specific to the conservatives like Rush, Hannity, etc., his comparisons of costs in the formal media vs. the Internet media apply to this story too.

Related - Two:  CNN has hit a 20-year low in viewers, but they're still better than MSNBC!

Establishment media is dying.  The only hope left for it are people like Bezos.

Story: Breitbart

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