Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Megyn and Glenn (a hat owner) on Fox News discussing the latest self-inflicted lib scandal in New York:

Hat owner and UNC Professor Mike S. Adams shares his solution via FB:
Cuomo should not ask pro lifers to leave New York. Instead, he should have pro abortion choice residents wear a seal on their outer garments. The seal would allow them to move around freely and avail themselves of basic government services. Those lacking the seal would be allowed to remain in the state but would be subject stop and frisk procedures absent reasonable suspicion. The seal should be a scarlet "A" acknowledging the fact that abortion has provided women with a final victory over sexual repression.

Sorry to be a broken record here, but the Karl family fled California in 2008 because foresaw the damage of liberalism. 

To my comrades in New York: we are coming to the point where I will not feel any sympathy for you if you choose to stay in enemy territory.

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