Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Precious Metals: My Lessons Learned UPDATED

This video explains my Obama Cuss Jar project, my investments in gold and silver coins, the lessons I’ve learned about precious metal investing, suggested and trusted sources for more information, and my advice to others who are considering investing in gold or silver.

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YouTube Sources:

Mr. Silver 3000

Silver not a good Inflation Hedge


Enjoy the Decline, by Aaron Clarey

Learn more:

Ann Barnhardt video warning, Part One of Eight (4:00 mark!)

Ann’s Blog

My article on Inflation (American Thinker)

Things I have wanted to buy when I sell my coins:

Wilson 1911

Cooper Firearms


I found a video where the silver investor says the average ratio in the past 23 years has been 66:1.  Be sure to investigate the real ratio and its history before you buy!   

UPDATED 1.28 10:30am:

YouTuber TheMicMac88 has done some ratio videos and I've communicated with him via YouTube.  I asked him if he could validate my suggestion to trade on ratio targets.  In his latest video he has corrected the information that I used in the video above where I said the average ratio is 50:1.  He confirms that is true over the past 100 years, but that the past 24 years it has averaged 66:1.  He argues that silver has been losing value to gold over time, and ratio trades should only occur at extremes such as 90:1 or 40:1, and that one should always hold onto some gold.  Good advice on better data than I had just a week ago. 

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