Thursday, January 23, 2014

Modern Day Manifesto

Regular readers know I've been actively responding to leftists who say Obama is not a communist or socialist or statist or facist, or whatever label du jour.  So imagine my surprise when the left comes out with a book that promotes Socialism.  Playing both sides, I guess.

Michael Moore, Bill Ayers, and others are rallying around an updated version of Marx's Communist Manifesto.

This one is called Imagine Living in a Socialist USA, by unknown author Francis Goldin.

This review rocks:

The left has no soul, no core, no standards.  Today they are pro-socialism and as we approach the next election we'll hear how they are pro-capitalism. 

I'll stick to the Ushanka slogan I developed almost eight years ago:  Tracking Communist Activities Globally, and Communist Inspirations Nationally.


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