Sunday, January 19, 2014

Police State UPDATED

 Here are two stories that suggest the image above is dead on.  (I think that far into the future, this image will be the defining image of our dear leader's administration.)

Some suggest our government, that we pay into and trust to protect us, has actually turned on us.

Story One: The Target/Neimann Marcus Hacker.

Neimann Marcus has determined this hacker, located in Russia, first got into their system back in July.  According to MarketWatch, they just plugged the holes this week - 7 months later.  Neimann Marcus had to hire their own investigator to determine the scope of the attack and to stop the attack.

Story Two:  Blaine Cooper.

Blaine lives in Arizona and is one of those people who has detected a pattern of police abuses that suggest a "Police State" or a spreading tyranny.  He said so in a recent Facebook comment and was called by the local police 2 hours later.  He was asked to come into the police station and discuss his post with the FBI.

No actual criminal act, nor intent.  Just exercising his freedom of speech.  Here is a video he posted.


Both stories have more details, so click over to judge for yourself.  There may be information that may suggest why our multi-billion dollar NSA infrastructure failed to detect the Russian hacker, or why that same infrastructure triggered an alert the moment a comment was made.

If I were Blaine, I'd ask the FBI to show me scientific data that suggests my opinions predict criminal behavior.  If they can show such evidence, I would then, and only then, fully cooperate.  I'd also wear my Commie Obama hat.

I think the staff at the NSA/DHS and I would agree that they need a clear, obvious and recent case where they actually saved American lives with their total eavesdropping.  Because today, with the little that I know and absent a NSA-specific victory, I'm leaning towards the assumption that their only purpose is tyranny.


Did you read this post before the DHS?

UPDATED 1.21.14 Noon:

A new video out by Reason about the Fullerton CA police beating and death of Kelly Thomas.  Kudos to Kelly's father for his focus on the next step: the civil trial.  Sir, do not let up.

Honest to God: I never thought I'd be posting stories like this when I started Ushanka 8 years ago.

Law Enforcement organizations across America are turning away a core supporting demographic: the law-abiding civic-minded citizen.

How does one feel compelled to help their local police and sheriff departments with volunteer and charity work when stories like the Kelly Thomas torture are becoming more common?

Yes, a few bad cops in Fullerton went too far.  They are not sorry - they are only sorry they got caught on video.

And yes, most cops do a great service every day in our communities.  (Can't say that enough.)  So where is the problem?

From this outsider's vantage point with few insider sources, I point the blame at the upper management of these organizations who put protecting bad cops and internal politics over serving their communities.  They no longer seem to have set standards.  They circle the wagons and develop their standards after someone goes to the morgue. 


B said...

You gotta blame two others as well:

They Unions who support and defend such policemen, even when their actions are inexcusable

And the other policemen...they know who the bad apples are, and yet they allow them to keep working as policemen and wearing the same uniform. Police stick together...I understand that, and the reasons why....UP TO A POINT. When behavior like this happens, they STILL stick together and support each other. But then they wonder why the citizens no longer respect them....

Karl said...

Thanks Mr. B. Where is my head? Of course the unions are somewhere in there to share the blame.

I agree on both your points.

Imagine the poor cop who plays by the rules and helps people at every turn and who is trying to get to his retirement. He stays quiet when he sees abuses. Then he stays quiet when he sees more abuses. At some point, he either can't see abuse for what it is, or he looks away.