Thursday, January 16, 2014

Shot Show 2014

We applied for a media pass for Shot Show 2014.  For some reason they didn't take us seriously.

Shot Show is a closed show in Vegas where gun makers and accessory makers show their new stuff to the industry.  Every year we do a Google search to scan all the blogs for industry news.

Would you believe the BATF & E (ATF) decided to have a booth at this year's show?  Can you believe the show operators sold them a booth?

Is the ATF concerned these industry insiders might have a legal question and not know where to get the answer?  Or, is the ATF booth meant to intimidate these lawful freedom-lovers?

Like I said, I wanted to be there, but am not.  I just wanted to put that on the record after seeing these photos that were shared on Twitter.  Maybe my long lost twin is there....

Someone just earned themselves a free Commie Obama Hat.

"Dissent is patriotic," said some lib a few years back.  Indeed it is.

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Reiuxcat said...

Effing A!!!