Saturday, January 21, 2017


Comrades, it has been my plan to take a break from Ushanka after the Trump victory.  I always admired people who 'get out on top,' and if this isn't the top in the fight against Communists and their useful idiots, I can't imagine what is.

Last October marked Ushanka's 10th year.  The Democrat Party's Communist take-over attempt has inspired over 3,960 Ushanka posts, first in 2006 with Pelosi as Speaker, then in 2008 with Obama.  Their election victories did not lead to the takeover they wanted, and Trump's victory promises to reverse some of the damage the Democrats have done to our country. I am very optimistic.

The fight against the Communist-inspired masses will continue.  My new focus will be on projects similar to Ushanka.  To succeed, I must walk away from the fun distraction that is the daily Ushanka posts.  I will update the left column with new book reviews and other items as they happen.  It is just the daily posts - this right side - where I am taking a break.

Three things, Comrades:
1) The Ushanka Maxim: A Communist takeover is impossible where traditional family values and religious values prevail.  View every liberal act to lower standards as an effort to dilute one or both of these values.  And crush it with vengeance.

2) Even though America narrowly missed a '1000 years of darkness' event with the Trump win, others still suffer.  Please consider giving to Liberty in North Korea (LiNK) to help those who have risked all to escape the worst Communist state on the planet.
3) Be sure to visit the great minds at the blogs listed in the Blogroll at the left.  Good people.

Make America Great Again,

January 21, 2017


B said...

How long you gonna be gone???

Anonymous said...
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Karl said...

Comrade Mr. B (of Middle of the Right blog!),

Sir, if it had been my goal to crush the Communist wing of the Democrat Party back in 2006, couldn't I now say "Mission Accomplished?"

The prospective DNC Chairs are arguing over how much Caucasian they should eliminate from the Party, and their useful idiots are dressed as vaginas crying in the streets of our nation's capitol.

My work is done here.

I have plenty of work to do elsewhere, and I have no plans to return. I leave the Internet to you.


LBD said...

OK, coffee break’s over. Time to come back.

Anonymous said...

as a literal Marxist, I gotta say that you're very confused about what the Democrats are about.
being a liberal is almost diametrically opposed to being a communist. the liberals are owned by corporations.
the Democrats had the white House and a filibuster-proof legislature, and they wouldn't even nationalize healthcare because they're so far in the pockets of the insurance companies. they had to do the ACA which was just a literal hand-out to the insurance agencies.
if they're opposed to doing something that literally every other advanced capitalist nation has done because it would be "too socialist" to give everybody healthcare, I am very very confused as to why the hell you think they're going to turn around and collectivise industry.
there is a real communist movement in american society, but it is outside of the Democratic party. it's not "cultural Marxism" trying to use Miley Cyrus twerking to turn you into a socialist, nor is it the globalists who are trying to use the UN to make a worldwide government or NWO.
hell, even Bernie Sanders, who calls himself a "democratic socialist" would be better described by the label "New Deal Democrat" because all of his policies are centrist or center-left. the only thing he has threatened to socialize has been healthcare, which is typical of social-democratic liberalism, countries like Canada and Norway, which are recognized by political scientists and economists as "not socialist nation, but capitalist nations that have used regulation to make capitalism more friendly and palatable to the workers."

communism, as an ideology, is violently opposed to international neoliberalism. the large corporations that exploit Asian and african workers because labor is cheaper there
the globalization of labor has made it so when any one country starts demanding rights for their workers, they can pack up and leave in a phenomenon called "capital flight"

globalization is the enemy of the labor movement, and reactionary nationalism (trump-style fashy "protectionism") is going to be the force that awakens the far left nationalists.

I think it would be wise to pursue a united front against globalism and neoliberalism, have a new movement that spans the typical left-right spectrum, a movement that prioritizes the nation first, and more importantly the workers of our nation first. communists want this just as much as the far right, but we have progressive social values and believe that industry oughta be controlled by the workers, that we oughta turn every large corporation into a cooperative, that we need to close our borders to international trade, and end our military involvement in every country that decides to exercise their right to national determination: Syria, Iran, Libya, Iraq, Egypt, Vietnam, Cambodia, China, Cuba, Venezuela, the Eastern Bloc, every country who has "defied us" by choosing to pursue an economic system that we do not approve of.
we believe that nations should be allowed to choose to structure their economies however they want, for the benefit of their people, instead of letting their land, labor, and resources get milked like a cow by foreign investors.

if you want to actually stop communism, real communism, and not just sound like a fucking conspiracy nut, you need to learn about what communism actually is, from the communists themselves. not from right-wing propaganda, because they have no fucking idea what they're talking about, and use the fear from the red scare to manipulate you for their political gain.

I did the same thing with all the right-wing ideologies I don't like: fascism, libertarianism, conservatism, paleoconservatism, neoconservatism, religious fundamentalism, jihadism, etc.
I go on their message boards and blogs, and I learn about their perspective, their goals, and their methods, and work on inspiring the leftists to properly counter the right-wing threat.


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