Friday, January 13, 2017

Time to Rewrite History

They're scrambling.  For cover.  Like cockroaches.

Breitbart reports Pelosi is now trying to spin ObamaCare as bipartisan legislation, as its total failure has given us President-Elect Trump.  The momentum to repeal is so strong it might be gone before Trump takes office.

Remember?  Not even John McCain voted for ObamaCare!

It is called "ObamaCare" for a reason.  It was passed with super-majorities in congress and without any input from Republicans.  Why not have a partisan repeal?

Fair is fair, and next week there will be a new sheriff in town.

My two cents: 

Obama's takeover plans for America didn't happen because the late Mike Vanderboegh of Sipsey Street Irregulars discovered Fast and Furious - a plan to create chaos and death which the dear leader would use to disarm America.

This is step #1, otherwise the citizens are armed and nothing can be accomplished.

Further, Obama's hope that some angry white tea partiers would rampage and give credibility to his theory, announced in April 2009 by Homeland Security, of the threat of the new internal enemy: the Right Wing Extremists.

Comrades, one does not make a policy like this in the absence of a known threat.

Unless one has plans.

And don't forget Obama's snitch programs that were laughed away by both conservatives and liberals alike.   These too were intended to create the internal enemy that would justify the nationalization of the police and suspensions of liberties.

There were three, if my memory serves me right:
There was Flag @ WhiteHouse gov.

And the "Fight the Smears" website.

Then there was #AttackWatch in 2012.  Remember?

My instincts were right 8 years ago, as were their Communist Inspirations authentic.

They will do everything now to say people like yours truly were overly excited and suspicious.  I won't be proved wrong, nor will I be fooled by their revisionist propaganda.

In fact, starting next week, when a liberal talks, it will only be noise. 

Fortunately, the Tea Party started kicking ass in 2010, taking seats in Congress and, later, exposing RINO traitors.  Next week President-Elect Trump will take the baton for the next lap.  Not a moment too soon.

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