Monday, January 16, 2017


Some of us can't wait for Friday...

Some of us can...

Which makes me wonder...

What will the BitterCruzingers and #NeverTrumpers be doing on Inauguration Day?

UPDATED 1.16.17 9pm:

Drudge just linked to this WP story.

The #NeverTrumpers think they've been "blacklisted" because they said "Trump Sucks!" during the primaries.  It's all about them.  Again.

The quickest way to Make America Great Again is for the #NeverTrumpers to sit this one out.

If they couldn't see Trump's appeal a year ago, what good would they be to us now in positions of responsibility?  Apparently, I'm not the only one asking this.

UPDATED 1.17.17 9pm:

A FB Comrade linked to the same story, but over at The Daily Caller.  Here are some of the comments on his post. "Like-minded" is an understatement!
The Never Trump Republicans are traitors and scumbags. These losers deserve to be spit on and rudely insulted, certainly not given a job in the Trump adminstration. The Trump people are very wise for not letting these slimy snakes to get a foot in the door! #MAGA

good there are every day american people that support trump that would like job

Draining the swamp!!

[Karl] They didn't promote their guy. They just told me how stupid I was for liking my guy. With judgement like that, what good would they be in the Trump administration?

Good, maybe these rent-seekers can find work doing something useful for a change.

Look, I understand BOTH sides of this one, but one thing truly stands out: Why in God's name would you expect to get a plum job working for a guy who you strenuously opposed just 2-3 short months ago?  How in the hell does that work?

They expect to be rewarded for their bad behavior????????

What do they expect? Obviously they were gullible enough to buy into the fake-stream media's distortions and so convinced as to speak out against MNr. Trumpo. I think that puts their judgement and objectivity in question big time.

They are the worst sort of scum and the least trustworthy. Worse than Liberals... since they are only just crazy

Actions have consequences. The turncoat Republicans end up in the same sinking ship as the Democrats.

The truth is that they are all "consultants". They earn big bucks doing nothing at all. The establishment parties paid them cause it's back scratching. But that's all over, the swamp will slowly drain out and these parasites will be exposed and removed.

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