Saturday, January 14, 2017

Visegrad 4

I post this strong message of nationalism and security from Hungary because, for just another week, no such leader exists here in the States.  These seven minutes of sub-titles are worth watching:

Hungary is one of the few European countries that has blocked muslim migration into their country.  For this reason, the President can brag (4:30 mark):
We do not have terrorism, do not have mass rapes. 
Nobody drives trucks into celebrating masses.

Our Comrade, Citizen Forney, is now living in Hungary.  He is closer to his fellow Right-On colleagues there, where nationalism and the Alt-Right enjoy friendly surroundings.  Be sure to tune into Forney's "This Alt-Right Life" weekly podcasts to hear about his recent move and for news on nationalist momentum there and around the globe.

Hungary is one of four countries in a security alliance called The Visegrad 4, an alliance that spans far wider than just immigration issues.  Wiki:
The Visegrad Group, also called the Visegrad Four, or V4 is a cultural and political alliance of four Central European states – Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia – for the purposes of furthering their European integration, as well as for advancing military, economic and energy cooperation with one another.

Austria, with its recent surge in nationalism, might be the fifth Visegrad country. 

Good.  If we can't align against a totalitarian political ideology that embraces terror, rape and murder, and fools only the useful idiots that it is a religion, what can we align against?


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