Friday, January 06, 2017

Warm Day Cigar

To show how far behind I am with Ushanka posts, this photo was taken about a week ago when we had 50-degree weather.  Today's temperature is 10 degrees, so close, but no cigar...

I smoked a Rocky Patel Edge and continued my re-read of all the Tom Clancy books. 

I recently finished Debt of Honor and am now reading Executive Orders.  I'm in the post-Cold War books now, which means they are less dated.  But being pre-9/11, these books still read a bit naive.  Clancy makes an effort to qualify his statements about Islam, as in 'they're not all bad,' something that didn't stand out when I read these pre-9/11.

Different times, but still good reading.

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Dyskord said...

I take umbrage at that last pic.
i am an avid reader and for a long time now have only read via PC or phone so for those of us who hallucinate vividly while starring at our PC screens that remark is blatant stereotyping LOL