Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Say It!

It is 10pm on election night.

Me and Sam are calling it.

You can keep watching the MSM tonight if you like to have your time wasted.

I'm only watching the MSM for the tears.  The tasty, tasty tears.

A special THANK YOU to Gary whatshisface for pulling liberal voters from Hillary.  As much as 2-4%!  Gary was key to Trump's success in 2016, and he negated the traitorous #NeverTrump effect.  Those f**kers.

Congratulations to President-Elect Trump.  Great job, sir.  You beat them on the issues.  You beat their voter fraud efforts.  You beat them on all fronts.  I look forward to helping you Make America Great Again.

We have a lot of work to do.  Now let's get started on that wall!

UPDATED 11:30pm:

Meme of the day:




Tomorrow looks to be quite a day on the market.  Gold is up $59/oz!

UPDATED 11.9.16 8:30am:

Quote of the Day, by yours truly:
You know you won the election when the other side wants to wait for the ballot count in Guam.
A rare Ushanka prediction:
I will smoke at least one cigar today.
UPDATED 11.11.16 10pm:

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