Saturday, November 19, 2016

Post-Election Link Dump

Here is a post-election link dump, interspersed with post-election images.  Enjoy!

At the top for a reason, check out Comrade Matt Forney's post-election podcast with fellow Alt-Righter Chris Betchloff.  A great chat.  You Can't Spell "Triumph" without "Trump."

A brilliant proposal from Tom Trinko at The American Thinker: Time to Criminalize Tyranny.
President Trump should set up a special prosecutor to dig up all the government workers, from Hillary on down, who used government power to further tyranny.

Comrade Matt Forney's Right-On article, Bathing in the Purple Revolution, pins the blame on the anti-Trump post-election protests on George Soros.
. . . the Left isn’t going to accept that they lost an election fair and square. Since last Wednesday, protests riots against Trump have wracked New York City, Chicago, Portland and other major U.S. cities, with countless Leftists throwing temper tantrums over the vote not going their way. If it seems odd that Trump’s opponents are trying to fight him by burning cities full of Hillary supporters to the ground, it’s because they’re not the ones running the show: George Soros is.
(Comrade or not, I would be linking to Matt's work after the Trump victory because Matt was, by far, the most reliable source of political news in 2016.  He attended the rallies in Iowa in January, the conventions in August, and boldly predicted a Trump victory weeks earlier than anybody else.  He has an exciting future planned, with a move to Budapest next month.  You can join me in following his work at his blog -

The sanctuary cities are refusing to cooperate with the pro-legal immigration Trump administration.  $650,000,000 in federal funding may be at stake. 

My prediction: Each and every city will comply in order to keep their federal funds.  They will use a page from the Labor Unions' playbook.  They will bad-mouth and bluster, and when they surrender, they will announce victory.  In other words, they will lie to their liberal base, because they can get away with it.

Lou Dobbs on this subject.

PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi said after the Trump win: "Our employees were all crying."  A Hillary supporter, she said the Pepsi LGBT employees were asking her if 'they were safe' in a Trump world.

Affirmative Action aside, how do these people get to these top positions?  You can't be good at both [Democrat] political action and business because one is all a lie and the other requires truth and objectivity.  Perhaps the 5% drop in Pepsi stock since her comments suggests she sucks at business.  If I were a shareholder, I too would be in touch with her.  I'm not, so I just switched brands.

The Last Refuge has the full story.

Trump's picks for top positions is causing a lot of angst, and not just on the left.  His pick of GOP-e Preibus for Chief of Staff, and his recent visits with Ted Cruz and Mitt Romney, could be seen as disconcerting from a right-wing perspective such as mine.  But there are two truths with Trump that we haven't seen with any other Republican in ages:
1) So far, every decision he's made, including every 'career-ending comment' during the primaries and campaign, have been beneficial to Mr. Trump, and
2) He is quick to fire people who don't perform.
I pushed all my chips in for Trump back on February 1, and while I don't hold a Royal Straight Flush, I do hold a great hand.  I dare anyone to call.

Speaking of Trump picks, IOTW has a great news today: Trump vetting the left’s nightmare choice for Secretary of Education.
“One thing about Michelle Rhee is that she is passionate about school choice for parents,” Bowman said.
Michelle Rhee is the counter-revolutionary we need in DC.  Eliminating the Dept. of Education and taking steps at the federal level to incentivize states towards vouchers is equal to the collapse of the Soviet Union. 


An LSU student trolls his fellow students in the school paper.  Comrade Diogenes Middle Finger shares the article: LSU Student Brilliantly Trolls Anti-Trump Protesters.
I, as a Chilean refugee, self-identify as a progressive and as a Hispanic (gender TBD), and I was one of these “delicate snowflakes” whose fragile heart was shattered by Trump’s use of the democratic process to secure his authoritarian rise to power.

English Russia has a large photo album of Soviet accidents.  The one above reminds me of Cincinnati's roads.

Allow me one more observation on Trump's selection process: He isn't interested in the feedback loop.

For 8 years, and arguably more, we've seen President-Elects float their selections to the press and to members of congress to gauge which would be easiest to get through the confirmation process.

Except for the position of Secretary of State, I haven't seen Trump use this approach with any of his positions so far.

One might be so bold to call this "leadership."

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