Friday, November 11, 2016

Post-Election: The Left Reacts

The commies among us are none too happy.  They took to the streets to protest Tuesday's democracy smack-down.

But let's keep perspective here.  Comrade Mikhail and I were at a cigar lounge on Wednesday enjoying our second cigars of the day. 
Mikhail: "Why, and what exactly, are they protesting?"

Karl: "They'd be in the streets either way.  If Hillary won, they'd be out celebrating in the streets.  Instead they are out protesting in the streets.  Just like us: if we had lost we'd be in here smoking cigars and bitching, and because we won we're in here smoking cigars and celebrating."
Mikhail:  "Did you notice the cigars taste better now?

Karl:  "Yes I did notice."
Comrade and author, Ann Sterzinger, recently turned me onto YouTuber, Sargon of Akkad.  He posted a video today that offers a great feedback-loop to a few of the commie thought leaders of the Left - Ana Kasparian, Laci Green, Anita Sarkeesian and Cenk. 136k views in less than one day!  It is better than the other videos poking fun, but like all things post-election, it has some profanity.  21 minutes - listen as you scroll down to look at the items I collected today.

Someone is happy!

The only thing this guy is right about is that the one common trait between Hitler and Trump is that they were both elected.

Comrade Stilton for the win!

Hypocrisy is the Democrat Party's middle name.

They didn't get their 100-year reunion (October Revolution, 1917), but they haven't given up.

I find that I tune out too.

Kudos to this guy at the Dallas lefty protest.  GP has the story.

WRSA pointed us to Z Blog for his post-election post:
Now, I look forward to the Triumph. In January, Donald Trump will enter the Imperial Capital in a four horse chariot, wearing a laurel crown and painted toga. Behind him, in chains and rags, will be the members of NeverTrump. The great enemy of the people and the threat to the republic, Hillary Clinton, will be displayed in a wheeled cage so the citizens can throw rotten vegetables at her. After the festivals, the proscription lists will be posted around the city and the NeverTrump loons will be thrown into a pit.

Yes, victory feels good.

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