Monday, November 07, 2016

Pre-Election Link Dump

Janet Reno is dead.  And in Hell.  Where she belongs.  She didn't suffer enough, IMO.

Check out WRSA's post.


Bank Accounts hacked.  ZH has the story:
. . . thousands of British citizens were unable to access their money today when Tesco Bank, the lending arm of the U.K.’s biggest grocer, said it suspended online transactions after about 20,000 customers had money fraudulently taken from their accounts.
I'm sure it's nothing.  My most recent post on precious metals - is here.


The Clinton's embrace of pedophilia and other sexual deviant pursuits is getting more attention.  Anonymous Conservative posted new information (at least to me) on Spirit Cooking. Photos too.

And here is a 4Chan link where a 'person in the know' has posted information on what has been found in the emails on Weiner's laptop.


Vox Day has a great Battleground State primer.  Just in time for tomorrow's election.

I printed his post for my election-night watch.

I'll be watching Michigan in addition to the states he's listed.

On election night 2012 I purchased a large order of lead, copper and brass the moment I saw Florida fall to the commie.  That was waiting too late, but I lucked out.  Inventories of those precious metals are already depleted this election cycle.  I hope the Ushanka readers were the 'early birds' this time around.

Comrade Branco's latest:


The FBI Comey-FBI has dropped the Hillary email investigation.

Optimists remind us that the Clinton Foundation investigation is still active.

Pessimists say the Rule of Law is dead and if it were anybody else, they'd be thrown in jail.

Both are right.

Story at The Free Thought Project.


Speaking of the Rule of Law, did you see that the President of the United States encouraged illegal aliens to break the law and vote?

WND with the story (and video).

UPDATED 11.7.16 6pm:

Here are two from Earl.

The Crow-Nee People:


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