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Replacing the Nolan Chart BUMPED - UPDATED Spectrum

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I've hated the Nolan Chart for as long as I can remember.

The Nolan Chart is one of the most recognized political spectrum images on the subject.  It is also misleading, outdated, and is due for a replacement.

It's only use lately has been as a recruitment tool for the Libertarian Party.  And judging by their dismal performance in recent elections, they should be ready to scrap it too.

Flaws to be corrected:
  • The Libertarian block is the same size as the others, yet Libertarians have only achieved 1-3% in recent national elections.
  • The Libertarian block is at the top, and can mislead newcomers to the topic of politics that it represents a superior ideology.
  • The Libertarians cover both right and left in the chart.  True in the past, but not in 2016.  The left Libertarians voted for Hillary, Jill or Gary.  Some were likely Bernie supporters during the primaries.  The right Libertarians are more likely to identify as Alt-Right now. 
  • Left Wing and Totalitarian are mostly one block of voters now.  Obama enjoyed support from moderates as he also received endorsements from several socialist and communist organizations including the Communist Party USA.
  • The Moderate block is too large for the politicized environment of 2016.  
The Nolan chart “divided political opinions into two vectors – economic opinion and personal opinion.”   I don't think these are relevant anymore.  Not a single Hillary voter cared about the $20T debt nor the decline in family and religious values in America.  And not a single Trump voter was trying to extend EBT benefits for themselves or halt gay marriage with their vote.

I think a return to a two-dimensional spectrum is in order.  And with the popular vote numbers now available, we can map it out with some accuracy.

With each square representing one million votes, here is my view of America's current political alignment, based on the 2016 popular vote:

The only question now is how extreme each electorate has become.  I think both sides are heavy on the ends.  I think the Democrats are stretched into a very extreme orientation.

Your thoughts?

UPDATED 11.27.16 5:30pm:

I've received some great suggestions both here and on FB.  One change that I feel compelled to make is to identify the illegal alien votes on Hillary's side.  One fraud-watch group puts the number at 3 million, or three squares on the chart above.  I'm going to give it a few days in case there is a more accurate estimate.

Trump tweeted today:
In addition to winning the Electoral College in a landslide, I won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally.
BUMPED 11.28.16 3:45pm:

Two sources put the illegal vote estimate at 3 million.  I've updated the Spectrum image with this information.  I assume only a few of these are radical 'La Raza' types, while others just want a piece of the 'Free Stuff' and prefer amnesty over the legal route to citizenship.

UncleSamsMisguidedChildren: How many illegals voted in the 2016 Presidential Election?  Their source: TrueTheVote.

InfoWars: Report: Three Million Votes in Presidential Election Cast by Illegal Aliens.  Their source:
In the past I would hesitate to use these sources.  But 2016 has shown these sources are far more reliable than any of the old-media outlets.

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