Friday, November 25, 2016

Commie News Du Jour

Professor Harvey Klehr addresses the failure of educators to teach the horrors of Communism in his Learn Liberty article: How schools and the media cover up communist crimes.
An astonishingly high percentage of millennials do not know who communist leaders like Mao Zedong and Vladimir Lenin were. Even worse, among those actually familiar with these leaders, a quarter had a favorable opinion of Lenin and a full 37% admired Che Guevara.

These are among the most eye-popping results of the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation’s survey of American attitudes toward capitalism, socialism, and communism.

A Communist group in Austin Texas (above) celebrated the recent ambush murders of several police officers.  WZ has the story and video:  Austin Communist Group Chants For Dead Cops: “What’s Better Than 4 Dead Cops? 5 Dead Cops!”

Daily Mail:  Satellite images reveal how North Korea is expanding its brutal prison camps where rape, torture, executions and CHILD MURDERS are commonplace... and larger crematoriums were needed to hide the evidence of such atrocities.
Satellite images have revealed how North Korea is expanding its brutal prison camps which are rife with rape, torture, executions and child murders.

It has even been claimed bigger crematoriums are being built to hide evidence of the atrocities that are commonplace inside the system.

Another Daily Mail story from North Korea:  Designer clothes, fast cars and plane rides over Pyongyang: Fascinating photos reveal that North Korea has an elite living a life of luxury (and they're not afraid to flaunt it)
. . . a new collection of eye-opening photos has shed light on a previously unseen demographic – the affluent North Korean elite.

Crushing stereotypes, this thriving urban community has been captured sporting designer handbags and mobile phones, taking horse riding lessons, driving Audis and enjoying light aircraft flights over the capital.

Imgur: The head from a Lenin statue is found in a parking lot in Belarus.

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