Friday, November 11, 2016

Thinking of Moving?

Are you thinking of moving?

Do you want to be surrounded by other Trump voters, with optimum job prospects?

If so, Boise Idaho is for you.

Catherine the Great and I have been daydreaming about a big move.  We are empty-nesters with an itch for a big change.  Perhaps a move is in order?  With the polling information from Tuesday, we now know where the like-minded people are.  Here is my analysis with our situation in mind.

First, I limited this search to the top 15 tax-friendly states for 2016, from Money-Zine.  I then added the Trump % for each state.  I then reduced the list to states that were 50+% for Trump.  I also dropped Alaska as it isn't a choice for a move. (Money-Zine was the only tax ranking I could find that was not geared to retirees.)

I then listed all the counties with 70+% for Trump in these final five states.  OVER 70%!!!

I used the data from the NY Times' site.  The screenshot below cuts off the many Kentucky counties, so you only see the top 31 counties in Kentucky.

Look at these percentages!

Retirees:  Start your own search with this list if you are looking to move and are ok with a rural location. 

Last, I searched for the few metropolitan areas that are near any of the counties listed above.  There are not many, and all but one are adjacent to, rather than in, a Trump-friendly county.  I then searched these few cities in the Forbes Best Places for Business and Careers, 2016.

Based on my criteria, Boise Idaho is the place for me.  Ranked #26 in job growth.  Surrounded by Trump counties.  And Ada County, where Boise city is located, was also a Trump county: 48 to 39.

Is there another use for this data?  Let me know if you have another criteria you think should be included.  Send me the source too.


B said...

Cold winters. That should be a factor. My area is significantly colder than yours, and Idaho is even yet colder than me.

Yer gonna freeze. So will CtG

OregonGuy said...

The tax chart baffles me. Oregon at zero percent? But, yes, Idaho does have lower tax rates than Oregon. And while Boise county had a great turnout, Ada county, where Boise is the county seat, Trump got 47.9 percent of the vote. Still good by Left Coast standards, but colleges...

My oldest lives there, and recently has been asking me things like, "If liberals really had issues with unequal representation and weren't just sore losers, they'd be calling to abolish the Senate, no?" He likes Boise and reports that Idaho, in the main, knows how to deal with the hippies.

But, the colleges.

Thanks for the post, good fodder for though.

(And I love the Four Seasons. And by Mother's Day you've already had the pool conditioned for some time, something you can't say in Oregon.)

David said...

Just cross the river...

You can keep your membership in a great gun club, and breathe the free air over here. Stop viewing Cincinnati politics with dread, and welcome them as a source of amusement.

MoonShadow said...

I live in Oldham County in Kentucky, which is also adjacent to Louisville. That chart has to have overlooked Oldham for vote count somehow; because Oldham is literally known as the "Republican Stronghold of Kentucky" because most of the fed-up conservatives who used to live in Louisville moved to Oldham in the 1980's & 90's. Although, it's not cheap living here anymore, because the property values are pretty high; which explains why so many of the other surrounding counties have turned red in the past decade. Louisville is so completely liberal dominated, there is no longer hope.

Karl said...

Comrade MoonShadow, Oldham only supported Trump by 62.3%. How liberal. :)