Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Quote of the Day


Here is something you won't hear in the old-media, and something you won't see in their elaborate, scientific polls.

I'm listening to The Betchloff's Saturday Night Livestream and he has a guest on who is black, a former Democrat, and who grew up in Detroit.  He expresses the mood within the black community that steered a small, yet historically significant, portion of the black vote to Mr. Trump.

33:27 -
These people...  And I'm going to sound really angry and brooding when I say stuff like this. 

I'm so God damn angry at the Democrats.  They used my whole fucking race like, like ammunition in a gun.  That they could just unload and then throw the fuck away.  And we just fell like shell casings on the ground.  They didn't give a fuck.  They didn't give a fuck.

And they just dragged us the fuck in to this plantation made out of welfare checks. Just soaked in drugs and slaughtered by gangs.  They didn't give a fuck.  They didn't give a shit about what the hell was happening to us. 

And when black people were too uneducated, and too weak and too drug addled to vote for them anymore, they decided they were going to bring in the Mexicans and do the same thing.  I almost feel sorry for the Mexicans.  Because they are going to be used the same fucking way.
I remember in the late 90's the Democrats were bleating about "the digital divide."  How the lower-income folks (code for blacks) didn't have access to the Internet and were thus at a disadvantage.  Of course, their solution was to hammer businesses to roll-out services to places that didn't have the money to pay for it.  And more government spending too.

Well, that digital divide is gone.  You liberals like apples?

How do you like them apples?

Go listen!

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