Monday, November 28, 2016

Ohio State

What?!  Another mass attack in a gun-free zone?  

Who would have predicted that?

Daily Mail has the story, along with a photo of what a gun-free zone looks like when it is under attack:

Students? Or sheep?

Men? Or boys?

GP reminds us that the University was sued in 2014 because it violates the state's concealed carry law by refusing to allow licensed students to pack heat.  Reports of 8-10 wounded today.  What would the number have been today if the University allowed its students to take responsibility for their own safety?



Photo of bad guy (WZ):

No word yet on the religion of the dead suspect. . .   The dead guy is a Somali:

 . . . or his voter registration:

Rumors of an ISIS connection, or ISIS sympathies, are circulating now.  Which has absolutely nothing to do with banning students from carrying firearms.

From Dec 7, 2015 - A YEAR AGO:

UPDATED 5:45pm:

The dead muslim complained, in late August in the school newspaper, that the University didn't have enough prayer rooms.  So. . . we can now agree that muslims are only peaceful muslims until they start killing people?

A hearty Ushanka Tip to officer Alan Horujko.  (I hope he was smiling like this when he confronted Abdul!)

UPDATED 6:15pm:

Comrade Tam on Twitter:
Dammit, I went for the long shot big payoff and put my $1 on "Amish" at 1000000:1.
Yours truly on FB:
The poor Ohio State University police officers!

They had to sort through all those whining students to find the ones who had actually been hurt.

(Inspired by a text message from Comrade Clarey)
FB Comrade Dave:
I just read a report that the attacker had a concealed machete carry permit...issued in Somalia..
UPDATED 12.3 8am:

FB Comrade V shares this one:

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