Sunday, March 29, 2015

Clarey's Road Rage

Give a listen to Comrade Clarey's excellent 5-minute answer to the question:
Why don't Democrats start their own businesses to address the greater good?
And appreciate his self-discipline to park first...

He tells the libs at 3:00:
You don't like it?  Aint nothing stopping you from starting your own company.  Actually there is when it comes to leftists.  Again, they're lazy and they're stupid.  They'd rather bitch and whine about it, and live off of the production, and live off of other people doing it. 

What!?  Get up?  Early every morning?  Take my chemistry class?  Go to school for four to five years because that is what it takes to get an engineering...? And learn calculus?  What, then go get a masters?  Then go work on an oil rig?  Out away from my lattes?  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?
It sure is fun to hear an economist address a political question!

I'm saving up my pennies to send these questions to the Captain of Capitalism:
Why won't Libertarians start their own banks?

Why do leftists always side with science, but refuse to apply the scientific method (discard, and learn from, experiments that fail) on their own policies?

What are the rules behind playing Capture the Naughty Soviet Spy?  Is water boarding allowed?
Send him your questions, and tell him Glorious Karl sent you! - Asshole Consulting

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