Monday, March 02, 2015

LPAC 2016

I realized I'm overdue for a chat about Libertarians.  Excuse me while I whip this out.

It is time for Libertarians to have their own show.  And to stop attending CPAC.

CPAC is the annual Conservative Political Action Conference.

I propose LPAC: Libertarian Political Action Conference.  Perhaps in Denver.  Here is why:

Conservatives will never support legalized prostitution, legalized meth, legalized late-term abortion, legalized marriage between a man and non-woman, and unanswered attacks on Americans.  Ever. 

It has to do with traditional family values and religious values.  These, with the Constitution, are what made America the greatest country in the shortest amount of time.  Libertarians are pro-Constitution.  Cool.  But like Democrats, they are not just against these family and religious values.  They actively work against them.

I think the douche who said at the 2:25 mark...
Although some conservatives refuse to accept the changing world around them...
...needs to acknowledge his Libertarian bias and admit Libertarians attend CPAC because they'd be seen as the anarchist dope-smoking hippie fringe if they held their own show.  Disagree?  Prove me wrong.

Rand Paul won the straw poll this year.  Ron Paul won it when I attended in 2008, and probably again in 2012.  The value of the CPAC straw poll is the second place winner. 

This year it was Scott Walker.  Gov. Walker differs from Ron and Rand as he is a) a proven executive, b) a realistic presidential contender, c) not an advocate for the legalization of mind-altering substances because "personal responsibility," and d) will bomb the shit out of those who do, or wish to do, America harm. 

That is the short list of how we differ.

As long as Reason continues to pollute YouTube with their 'Libertarian is the new conservative' propaganda, I will remain here to call them out.  And as long as Libertarians pollute CPAC instead of standing on their own, I will call them out.

Libertarians are smart.  They are passionate.  They are committed.  And I have learned a lot from the Libertarians I know.  Having said that... They could launch their own LPAC 2016 conference and create an amazing amount of buzz (pun intended).   Maybe Reason could sponsor it....

To continue to piggyback on CPAC proves, a) the conservative movement has more momentum, better organization and better dressed attendees than the liberal movement, and b) there is more credibility for the Libertarians to siphon and present as their own.

My predictions for 2016 - and I'll bet a Commie Obama hat on one or both of these (assuming supplies last):
Rand Paul flames out in the primaries, and 
Libertarians fail to attract 2% of the vote in the November election and only hope for a spoiler role in one or more battleground state.
If this criticism is new to you and you want to learn more, click the Libertarian label below.

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sth_txs said...

Not that I bother voting anymore, but CPAC shows what sorry anti-American trash most of the 'conservative' candidates are at heart.

You like to make fun of libertarians, and yes, there are some goofy ones out there unfortunately, but no one has demonstrated to me that Republicans have anything to offer.

They have a two house significant majority, so I'll be waiting for the abolition of the Dept of Education for starters (this was promised sometime ago) or anything on abortion or anything meaningful on gun rights (like abolishing the ATF).

And by the way, screw Israel. I really wish they would off each other over there already so I don't have to listen to it anymore.