Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Tuesday Tab Clearing

I grabbed this pic from Western Rifle a couple weeks ago to add to my Hammer and Sickle collection. 

Supposedly, if I collect all the Hammer and Sickle photos I win a prize.  Although I haven't read the fine print on that yet...


Rex Nutting at MarketWatch is the useful idiot of the day with his article: America is full of slackers and deadbeats who won’t work.

Good ol Rex is preparing the opposition for 2016 when Republicans suggest Obama and the Democrat Party have been bad for jobs.  Rex tells us the real reason is that the unemployed are lazy and won't go find a job.  This must be part one of a two-part series, and that he'll list the companies in part two that can't seem to find the help they need.

Another article idea for Rex is for him to tell us what jobs he's had, outside of journalism.

Remember conservatives, if there is a problem in 2016, it is your fault.


From the Manosphere, Roosh gives us the results from his recent study of Mao: The Wisdom Of Mao Tse Tung
What drew me to this book [On Guerrilla Warfare] is to learn exactly how he did it. How did he go from being a member of the rag-tag Chinese communist party with a small membership to eventually overthrowing the Western-backed Chiang Kai-shek after World War 2? The answer lies in time, extraordinary persistence, and genius. 
I'd suggest the answer also lies in Mao's ability to exploit envy to the tune of 60,000,000 murdered, and Truman's reluctance to remove communists from his administration who facilitated the US dropping support for Kai-shek.

But not to be critical, this is the kind of research we can benefit from.  The stories of Mao, Hitler, Trotsky, et al can both help us spot the next tyrant and learn from those who suffered.  History is full of smart men motivated by power-over-others who were tied to deeply destructive ideologies.  Anyone who can rationalize killing their political opponents have no place in power.  Like "climate changers."


Speaking of dead innocents, Thomas Hobbes also writes at Return of Kings: How Political Correctness Killed 1,200 People.
It took five years, but the electorate eventually woke up to this slow motion catastrophe, booting the Labor government out of office in 2013. Yet the grand total, over six years of “compassion” was at least 1,200 people, drowned or smashed up against one reef or another. In the last six years of the Howard government, this figure was zero. It was entirely preventable.
Hobbes posts an excellent and focused comparison of a specific policy under a conservative and under a liberal. 

Hobbes states he is a former "social justice warrior," or what I call here at Ushanka, a "liberal progressive communist." 

As I've warned communists here and abroad before, beware of the former liberals.  They know your game plan, your tactics and your goals.  They will eat you for lunch.  Hobbes just did it. 

This guy did it:

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